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Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018 set in legislation that the three safeguarding partners (Local Authority, Chief Officer of Police, and Clinical Commissioning Groups) must work together with relevant agencies to safeguard and protect the welfare of children in Suffolk.

All three partners have equal and joint responsibility for local safeguarding arrangements and the Suffolk Safeguarding Partnership (SSP) is led by an Independent Chair Person, Anthony Douglas CBE.

This has now replaced the pre-existing legislation for Local Authorities to have Local Safeguarding Children Boards (LSCBs).

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Adults at Risk

Although there are no changes to the statutory requirement for Local Authorities to have a Safeguarding Adult Board and all the current guidance about the accountabilities of the SAB in the Care Act guidance remain, the Suffolk Safeguarding Adults Board will also come under the umbrella of Suffolk Safeguarding Partnership to maximise opportunities for joint working across Children and Adult Services and to ‘Think Family’.


Suffolk Safeguarding Adults Framework

SSP Sg Framework 4

The Suffolk Safeguarding Adults Framework has been developed in a multi-agency forum comprising senior adult safeguarding practitioners from the three statutory partners: Police, Health and Adult Social Care.

It has been developed, in accordance with the Suffolk Safeguarding multi-agency review recommendation, to promote holistic principles of working in all aspects of safeguarding work streams across Suffolk and it aims to ensure that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and is integral to complex management of care need.

The Framework provides details of Suffolk services available to further support practitioners and adults at risk in addressing normal care management, care quality and/or safeguarding concerns. The Framework is not intended to radically change the direction of policy, nor the focus on the definition of safeguarding. Rather, its purpose is to pull together existing recognised national safeguarding thresholds and best practice guidance across Police, Adult Social Care and Health Services.


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