Review of Multi-Agency Safeguarding Services in Suffolk

A review was recently commissioned by Suffolk Safeguarding Adults Board, following concerns about how effectively safeguarding services to and for vulnerable adults and older people are being provided and managed. 

The review focusses on how the whole system works together. It is not a review of individual cases, specific organisations or the practice of specific professionals. It identifies what needs to change to ensure that vulnerable adults and older people receive the best possible services and outcomes when in need of or the subject of safeguarding services.


Transformation Programme Plan

The Transformation Programme Plan details the actions and timescales for delivery of the review of multi-agency safeguarding services for adults in Suffolk.


Suffolk Safeguarding Adults Framework Consultation

During October and November 2018 the Safeguarding Adults Board consulted widely with staff working across the partnership on the new Suffolk Safeguarding Adults Framework that provides all staff working with adults in Suffolk guidance on how to manage potential safeguarding concerns.

Please see below the Framework and the responses received from the consultation process.


Learning Bulletins 

Please see the Learning Bulletins below for further information:



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